Neon Geometric Nails

Hey ladies and gents! I have been missing summer in a major way lately. What I would give to throw on an airy hot pink dress and slip on some chunky wedges. Buuutt that is not exactly possible at the moment, because right now the Pacific Northwest is doing what it does best… RAINING! So it looks like I will just have to settle for some bright and crazy geometric nails to keep the blues at bay.

I had a hard time deciding on colors, so my hands are a bit different.

Right Hand Geometric

Right Hand Geometric

This is the hand I like the most. Surprisingly, it is my right hand! That is usually my “challenge hand”.

My iffy Left Hand Colors

My iffy Left Hand Colors

I liked the idea of my left hand, but was not too satisfied with my execution. But they are still are kinda cute.

Steps to achieve this look:

1) Paint nails white. TIP: Wait until white dries for about 20-30 minutes before applying nail tape and neon nail polishes. This ensures no smudging.

2) Apply Nail Tape where you would like your white lines to show

3) Paint inside the nail tape lines.

4) Remove nail tape. TIP: Remove the tape while neon nail polish is still wet, the drier/thicker it gets, the harder it is to get a nice clean line.

5) Finish with a top coat. I’m a Seche Vite snob myself!

Glitter Accent Nail:

-Use brush on nail glue to coat nail, then sprinkle on glitter of choice (I used loose glitter, but you could also use a few coats of glitter polish)

Neon Pinks and Such

Neon Pinks and Such

Colors: “Pink” by Sinful Colors, “Orange Knockout (Neon)” by China Glaze, “Flip-Flop Fantasy” by China Glaze, “Hard to Get” by Sally Hansen, Sparkle Effects Glitter by Sally Girl

Not pictured: Love & Beauty Glow in the Dark Nail Polish (Neon Yellow)

Which side do you think looks better? Left hand or right hand? Let me know!



3 thoughts on “Neon Geometric Nails

  1. Laura

    Hi, I think I like the right hand best, because the white glitter picks up the white base coat the makes the geometric lines. Nice job! Thank you for sharing.


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