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Lavender Ladylike Nails


There is always a soft spot in my heart for nail art. I can’t resist a pretty new manicure, especially with a nice pastel shade. Lavender has always been one of my favorite shades, so I thought it was time to bust out a gorgeous shade given to me by my friend Emily. She shared my love of nail polish, and this one reminds me of her. She passed away a few months ago, so I wanted to pay tribute to her.

Here is the pretty look that I created!

Lavender Nails

Lavender nails with rhinestones and faux pearls

Here is what I used to create this springtime nail look:


"Lily" by Revlon

“Lily” by Revlon

Rhinestones and Pearls

Rhinestones and Pearls from eBay

As mentioned above, my rhinestones and faux pearls were purchased from eBay. THe Revlon polish can be found at most drugstores, and I believe they still carry the same “Lily” shade.

I painted a coat of Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails” base coat, then did a coat of “Lily”, and waited for it to fully dry. Then I painted a coat of CND shellac top coat and applied the rhinestones and pearls. I put my nails under my shellac UV light for 3 minutes, then removed the sticky residue with alcohol. I LOVE my UV light, it makes my nails dry instantly.

What do you guys think of this look? Isn’t it cute!? I may be biased, but I thought it was adorable.


Til next time!



Holiday Nail Roundup


Give me a cup of eggnog, warm fire, the Destiny’s Child Christmas album, and I am happy girl. You can find me spiking my eggnog with a bit of whiskey and belting out “This Christmas”, with my girl Christina Aguilera. I also love holiday nails… They are just too cute to resist! This year I have been uncannily busy due to school, so I have barely had time to breathe, let alone do my nails. So I decided to do a little throwback compilation of some of my favorite looks from last year.

Here is a roundup of last years looks. They are screenshots from my Instagram. I can’t wait to try some new ones this year!




This is Halloween, Halloween

I like the holiday season. Ok, stop. I LOVE the holiday season. From changing leaves to comfort food, I just can’t get enough of that tingly crispy fall season.

Some people may argue that Halloween is not part of the “Holiday Season”, but I vehemently disagree. Halloween is the starting point of the holiday madness, and I am all about it! I relish the time where I can bust out the long and ridiculous falsies, eat candy until I am sick, and turn on Hocus Pocus for the billionth time. Don’t even get me started on the benefits and joys of finding a crazy. Halloween is the business.

Halloween is also one of my favorite times to play with Nail Art. This look was inspired by my love of plaid and one of my favorite light-hearted halloween favorites, The Nightmare Before Christmas! I decided to give my favorite guy, Jack a few minutes in the spotlight.

Check it out, and tell me your thoughts! Also, what is YOUR favorite holiday to try nail art?

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 featuring Jack!

Polish used:

Kiss Nail Art Pens in White, Black, and Silver

Sinful Colors in Black

Sinful Colors in Elephant Grey

China Glaze in Neon Orange

Loose Hexagon Glitter bought off Ebay

Happy Halloween, my little pumpkins!!!!

Grapey Gradient

Hey ladies and gents! Check out my favorite summer nail look that I have created so far: Grapey Gradient!


Who likes a little bright summer gradient? I sure do! I got my nail confidence back up and decided to revisit the gradient trend. I tried it twice last year, and was never quite impressed with my results. But like Aaliyah said, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”. You guys know what I’m talkin’ about! Haha… lyrics aside, I decided to imitate one of the prettiest gradients that I have seen. Here was my inspiration


Image via Pinterest

I know that the finished product did not turn out like the Pinterest one above, but I still could not stop looking at my nails! They look so purrttyy in the sunlight, and I even added a few hexagon glitters on the ring finger.

How I achieved this look:
1 triangle makeup sponge
Sinful Colors polish in “Dream On” which is #80
Forever 21 polish in “Teal”
Sally Hansen in white

1. I started with a base of two coats of white polish. Then I waited for 15 minutes for it to completely dry.
2. I painted the two colors on the makeup sponge, so they lined up with one on top of the other. The colors blended together in the middle to form a deep purple color.
3. I used the sponge to repeatedly stamp the colors onto my finger
4. I repeated this painting of the sponge and stamping my finger for each individual nail
(Note: you can paint the sponge less, if you want more of an abstract look. I tried to make my look a clean as I could… But it was still a little messy)
5. Let it dry and then cleaned up the cuticles and outside nail with acetone
6. Added some Seche Vita, and girl, I was lookin’ FLY!

Pretty simple, no? It only took me about an hour, so it was not too bad. My best girlyfriend and I had a nice quiet Saturday watching one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of the century… Clueless. I did our nails and snuggled up to this little cutie!


His name is Rocky. He is 50% Pomeranian, 50% chihuahua, and 100% cuddle monster! He and I got along swimmingly… Seeing as I am a cuddle whore.

I hope you guys liked my summery gradient, let me know what you thought of it!



Summer Coral Nails

¡Hola todos!

Anyone that knows me understands that I have a large nail polish obsession. I paint my nails once a week and I HATE when my nails are chipped. It is a bit compulsive, I understand, but I just can’t stop. I just love the feeling of a fresh coat of nail polish. I can’t help myself, hehe!

I usually attempt some sort of nail art, and this is what I have come up with this week.


Summer Coral

Summer Coral without flash

I will call her “Summer Coral” and I will love her forever. Haha actually this was a super easy nail art look, and I only used 3 colors, which is a pretty low number for me! I was inspired by my favorite summer dress (that I wear almost everyday lol), and I really liked the result. I just threw on 2 coats of the pretty F21 polish (it has a nice subtle gold shimmer and pretty coral finish), then did the teal Sally Hansen on my accent finger. Then I put a few stripes using my striping pen and finished it off with a few dots, using my dotting tool. Pretty easy, right? All it takes is a steady hand and a little patience. I like how the accent hand looks kind of like little berries, or little flowers.

Polish Used:

Sally Hansen in “Blue Me Away”

Love 21/Forever 21 “Pink”

Kiss Nail Art Striping Pen in “Black”

Here are some more pics with flash!

Summer Coral 2

Nails with flash

Summer Coral 3

Another with flash


Well guys, I hope you liked! Leave a comment below and tell me if you have any fave summer nail designs or colors.



Neon Geometric Nails

Hey ladies and gents! I have been missing summer in a major way lately. What I would give to throw on an airy hot pink dress and slip on some chunky wedges. Buuutt that is not exactly possible at the moment, because right now the Pacific Northwest is doing what it does best… RAINING! So it looks like I will just have to settle for some bright and crazy geometric nails to keep the blues at bay.

I had a hard time deciding on colors, so my hands are a bit different.

Right Hand Geometric

Right Hand Geometric

This is the hand I like the most. Surprisingly, it is my right hand! That is usually my “challenge hand”.

My iffy Left Hand Colors

My iffy Left Hand Colors

I liked the idea of my left hand, but was not too satisfied with my execution. But they are still are kinda cute.

Steps to achieve this look:

1) Paint nails white. TIP: Wait until white dries for about 20-30 minutes before applying nail tape and neon nail polishes. This ensures no smudging.

2) Apply Nail Tape where you would like your white lines to show

3) Paint inside the nail tape lines.

4) Remove nail tape. TIP: Remove the tape while neon nail polish is still wet, the drier/thicker it gets, the harder it is to get a nice clean line.

5) Finish with a top coat. I’m a Seche Vite snob myself!

Glitter Accent Nail:

-Use brush on nail glue to coat nail, then sprinkle on glitter of choice (I used loose glitter, but you could also use a few coats of glitter polish)

Neon Pinks and Such

Neon Pinks and Such

Colors: “Pink” by Sinful Colors, “Orange Knockout (Neon)” by China Glaze, “Flip-Flop Fantasy” by China Glaze, “Hard to Get” by Sally Hansen, Sparkle Effects Glitter by Sally Girl

Not pictured: Love & Beauty Glow in the Dark Nail Polish (Neon Yellow)

Which side do you think looks better? Left hand or right hand? Let me know!



Valentine’s Day Nails

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog, Ringlets with Polish! I am so excited to be launching it on Valentine’s Day. It is definitely one of my favorite holidays!

I wanted to share two Valentine’s Day nail looks I created, in spirit of the holiday.

Pink Heart Nails

Pink Heart Nails

Blue Valentine's Nails

Blue Valentine’s Nails

Well I hope everyone has an amazing V-day with your loved ones!